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Self Help

The Secrets of Happiness you won't find on Google Search
Location: Yeshivah Shule

Rabbi O. Broh

Civilian Casualties of War
Location: Kollel Menachem Lubavitch

Rabbi Moshe Feller

Achieving Greatness:
Change your Life. Change the world

Location: Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation

Mrs. Esther Friedman

The Gift That You Are - Understanding Yourself (and those that you need to understand but dont)

Mr Joel Gerschman

How to Start and Lead the Worlds Greatest and Peaceful Revolution

Rabbi Y. Glasman

Do you have to believe in God to be a good person?

Mrs. Chaya Nesya Glogauer

Developing Emotional Resilience for Ourselves and Our Families

Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

Forgiveness - Is it Always Possible?
Location: Kollel Menachem Lubavitch

Rabbi L. Gourary

Jewish Ted Talks - Realistic optimism

Rabbi E. Greenbaum

The Myth of Selfishness: Young Yeshivah Cheese and Wine Tasting Evening
Location: Werdiger Hall

Rabbi Dov Greenberg

Keep going - it is always too early to quit
Transforming your worst qualities into your biggest assets

Rabbi H. Greenberg

How To Be Wealthy and Stay Happy

Dr. J Holder

How to effectively treat The Disease of Addiction: Alchohol, Drugs, Internet, OCD, ETC.
Location: Beth Rivkah Soloweiczek Hall

Rabbi Avrohom Jacks

Big People, Small Cages
Location: Yeshivah Shule
Warning this class might make you Happy

Rabbi Y. Johnson

Criticism: When is it necessary and how to make it easier to swallow

Mrs. Rivka Johnson

Mindful eating; A spiritual guide to healthy eating and improved lifestyle

Rabbi Y. Johnson

Critsism - Why we dont like recieving it and how to use it effectively

Mrs Bracha Kantor

Choosing An Additude to Enhance my Avodah

Rabbi M. Lipskar

Making your Life a Meaningful One...Reaching Your True Potential

Renee Mill

Effective Strategies For Managing Anxiety
Transforming the Self

Rabbi C. Miller

The Leadership Message for our Generation

Dr. Sara Rosenfeld

Emphatically Speaking - A Jewish approach to effective communication
Mastering our emotions How to subdue the flare of anger

Child Protection Services

Confronting Child Sexual Abuse Part 3- The Role of Child Protection
Location: Private Home

Rabbi Ari Shishler

Discover and Develop the Leader in You
Location: Kollel Menachem Lubavitch
Don't Sit Still - Sedentary living is also our number one spiritual health hazard
Life in 13 Steps - Rambams insights into the foundation of Jewish Living - Part 2
Life in 13 Steps - Rambams insights into the foundation of Jewish Living Part 1
Live Stress Free Live Regret
Why is it so difficult to be happy What can we do about it
*Who do you think you are? A spiritual perspective on self esteem, confidence, ego and Chutzpah
Location: Kollel Menachem Lubavitch

Mr D. Smorgon

The 5 Rules of Success
Location: Chabad of CBD

Rabbi S. Taub

From Surviving to Thriving
The Power of the Individual and the Power of the Community

Dr Joe Tucci

Confronting Child Sexual Abuse -entire event (part 1-3)
Location: Private Home
Confronting Child Sexual Abuse Part 2: A Psychologist\\\'s View
Location: Private Home

Victorian Police

Confronting Child Sexual Abuse Part 1 - Investigating Child Abuse
Location: Private Home

Mrs. Chana Waysman

Four Things You Havent Thought About But Need to Know - Nutrition for Adult Women

Rabbi L. Wolf

Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence; Leading a Life of balance, Wisdom and success

Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe

Into the Shadow
Location: Yeshivah Shule
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