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Nshei Chabad Convention 5773

Know Yourself, Know Your Role, Know Your Way Forward A weekend of celebration and inspiration for the woman of today and tomorrow.

Mrs. Esther Friedman

The Gift That You Are - Understanding Yourself (and those that you need to understand but dont)

Mrs. Chaya Nesya Glogauer

Developing Emotional Resilience for Ourselves and Our Families

Mrs. M. Gordon

Whatever Happened to the Joys of Yiddishkeit

Mrs. Chani Kurinsky

The Hair Battle

Renee Mill

Does Shalom Bayis Mean we Have to Sacrifice our Own Needs

Dr. Sara Rosenfeld

The Kabbalah of Sleep

Mrs. Chana Waysman

Four Things You Havent Thought About But Need to Know - Nutrition for Adult Women
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