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Summer Learning Program 5775

Mrs Anna Bankier

A Fathers parting Blessing -Understanding Yaakov

Rabbi E. Baskin

Kosher Controversies

Rabbi L. Broh

Parshas Vayigash 2
Parshas Vayigash 4
Parshas Vayigash 1
Parshas Vayigash 3

Rabbi C. Cowen

Science, Torah and limits of Orthodoxy

Rabbi E. Greenbaum

The Torah's perspective on ransoming captive soldiers and negotiating with terrorists

Rabbi Avrohom Jacks

Warning this class might make you Happy

Rabbi Y. Johnson

Soul Searching - An in Depth look at the Yechidah
Heter Michirah; Understanding of one greatest Halachic controversies of the modern era

Mrs. Rivka Johnson

Mindful eating; A spiritual guide to healthy eating and improved lifestyle

Rabbi Y. Johnson

Laws of Shemittah from classical sources 2
Laws of Shemittah from classical sources 1

Rabbi S.B Lazarus

Just the same as you: A deeper perspective on our obligation to love every jew

Rabbi Y. Rodal

A New World - what day to day life will be in times of Moshaich

Rabbi C. Rosenfeld

Its all about Time - Effective Time Management and how Jewish thought views time

Dr. Sara Rosenfeld

Mastering our emotions How to subdue the flare of anger

Rabbi Ari Shishler

Is G-d empathetic?
Quiet Power - You dont have to be loud to have an impact
The Shemittah Project
The war Israel cant seem to win
Transformation: the art of exceeding inspiration
You dont know what you dont know
5 Relationship Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Are Jews Afraid of Fame
Time of the signs:Talmud promises about the moments before moshiach 1
Time of the Signs:Talmud promises about the moments before Moshiach 2
Unorthodox Women (Part 2)
Unorthodox Women (part 1)
Unorthodox women (Part 3)
Unorthodox Women (part 4)
Unorthodox Women (Part 5)

Rabbi M Stern

The fine line between scrupulous observance and making ourselves meshugah

Rabbi Tzvi Telsner

Judiasm view on War
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