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Summer Learning 5778

Rabbi N Abenaim

Life hacks from Pirkei Avos

Rabbi E. Baskin

Kosher Procaffeniating - How to get Kosher Coffee in the most interesting of places

Rabbi L. Broh

Agadita -Legends of the Gemara

Rabbi Dr. S. Cowen

Medicine - who heals, what heals and by what means

Rabbi Y. Glasman

Is Judaism Guilty of Gender Discrimination

Rabbi Y. Gordon

8th-9th-10th-Teves-Three Fast Days?

Rabbi Y. Johnson

Chaos and Perfection; The Kabbalistic Paradigm for Successful Marriage
Tefillin in Depth
Tefillin in Depth Series Part 2

Rabbi D. Lisker

From Tablets to Tablets -The evolution of the book

Rabbi Michoel Stern

Certifiably Certified- A closer look at kosher supervision

Rabbi Reuven Wolf

Journing Through Sefer Shemos ; This Book Comes Alive as the Story of our Lives
Princes of Exile - The Inside Story of the Sale of Joseph
The Kabbalah of Livelihood
The Power of Speech- Water the Plant, Not the Weeds, Understanding the Power of Words
Tracht Gut Vet Zein Gut - The Effects of Positive Outlook
A Sacred Union; The Kabbalah of Family Purity
Opening our Eyes -Moshiach in the Newspapers-Part I - Rabbi R. Wolf
Opening Our Eyes -Moshiach in the Newspapers: Part II - Rabbi R. Wolf
Why a King ? Why should we be excited about going back to the rule of a monarch?
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