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Rabbi Y. Chazan

Rabbi Yossi Chazan was born in New York, USA and educated at the celebrated Mesifta Torah VeDaas. He is a graduate from Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim (Lubavitch) in Kfar Chabad, New Haven, Montreal and New York.

In 1981 Rabbi Chazan became a Kollel fellow at the Yeshiva Centre in Melbourne, Australia, from where he developed a reputation for scholarship and excellence. In 1984 he was appointed Director of Education at the Jewish Cultural Leisure Centre where his reputation grew as a vibrant and challenging leader serving both the immediate North Manchester Jewish community and regionally in the North of England.

In 1991 Rabbi Chazan accepted the offer of Rabbi of the prestigious Holy Law South Broughton Hebrew Congregation and his skilled erudition extended his widening fame within the community, interpreting with lucidity and clarity difficult and problematic portions of Torah, Talmud and Halocho. For many years his weekly summer series of Shabbat afternoon Shiurim have attracted a broad spectrum of North Manchester Jewry, with men and women attending regularly in their hundreds. Rabbi Chazan is a tireless worker within his congregation, which is very proud of his unstinting parochial work from giving Shiurim to visiting the sick in hospitals, to helping individuals, couples and the young and old in a friendly and welcoming manner.

He is known locally as 'The Rabbi who never sleeps' for if Rabbi Chazan is not working for his own shul, every other minute of the day is taken-up with learning, visiting local high schools, delivering Shiurim and offering a whole host of associations, friendship groups and individuals his support and energy. All this is completed with time to spare for what has become an energetic yearly international speaking tour, which can include three of five continents.

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