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Child Protection Services

Cathie Cincotta - Team Leader - Child Protection Response, Southern Metropolitan Region / Cheltenham Office

Taanya Gounas, Southern Region Child Protection Manager

Cathie and Taanya are Department of Human Services practitioners from the Southern region Child protection who have many years experience in the area of Child Protection.

Ms Mary Mass - South Eastern centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA) Mary Mass is social work trained with nearly 30 years experience of working with individuals and families developing an expertise with issues of family violence and impacts of abuse. She has been working as a counselor/advocate with the South Eastern centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA) for almost 10 years.

SECASA offers free confidential and expert counseling to anyone who has been impacted by sexual assault. SECASA works independently but in close liaison with SOCIT and DHS and forensic medical services. Mary works from the St Kilda area.

Confronting Child Sexual Abuse Part 3- The Role of Child Protection
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