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Rabbi Avrohom Jacks

There are not many speakers who can artfully blend a dynamic, humorous and inspirational style with deep, insightful substance. Rabbi Avrohom Jacks is one of these rare presenters. Rabbi Jacks studied in South Africa, Israel and Canada and has served as a pulpit Rabbi for 15 years.

Marriage: how to have a good fight
The Evolution of Evil
Skype and Uber in Halacha
A Kabbalistic Guide to Wealth - How to earn it, keep it, enjoy it and spend it
What Kosher Certification does your driverless car have
Kosher EBay The Ethics of online Shopping
He is my brother - our interaction with non observant jews
School Daze: Running a school according to Jewish Law
What is in a name?
The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Israel;The Rebbe
Maamer Vaysiv Anavim 1
Maamer Vaysiv Anavim 2
Calculating the age of the universe
Location: Werdiger Hall
Does G-d vote Labor Liberal or Green?
Whats an ancient Torah like you doing in a modern world like this?
Does G_d Vote Labour, Liberal or Green
Evolving from Darwin
Big People, Small Cages
Location: Yeshivah Shule
Warning this class might make you Happy
Secret Portals of Wisdom
Location: Kollel Menachem Lubavitch
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