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Dr Kooshyar Karimi

Kooshyar Karimi was born in the slums of Tehran. At the age of six, Karimi was compelled to work to contribute to his family's survival and was only eleven when the Islamic Revolution upended his world. Amidst the post-revolutionary chaos and the bloodshed of the Iran-Iraq war, Karimi pursued his education through to medical school with a clear determination to avoid war, stay alive, and support his mother whilst pursuing his passion for reading and writing. By the age of 26, he was a published author, award-winning translator, doctor, husband and father. At this time, he began the research for his book, A History of Iranian Jews. This dangerous activity contributed to his being kidnapped by the Islamic Intelligence Service in the winter of 1998, tortured, burnt, and whipped over 62 days. He was then presented with an unimaginable spy for MOIS against his own people or to be tortured slowly to death. His forced cooperation was a significant factor in the arrest of thirteen Iranian Jews in March 1999, a case that caused an international outcry. To end this nightmare and escape his own imminent execution, Karimi called on a fateful connection from the past to flee his country across the border to Turkey. Months of anxiety and despair followed till he and his family were granted a refugee visa to Australia. He is now an Australian citizen, practising medicine full-time in New South Wales, and writing in his spare time.

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