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Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

Founder and director of Bina - Sydney, Australia
Born in South Africa and educated in the U.S and Australia, Rabbi Gourarie is known as a passionate educator. Whether dissecting a complex page in the Talmud or lecturing on self-esteem and self-development his classes are well structured and informative. Everyone who attends his lectures benefit from his educational expertise and caring nature.

Meggilas Rus
Parshas Eikev
Parshas Korach: Jewish Leadership a Tribute to the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Parshas Noach: The Power of the Flood
Parshas Pinchas
Gimmel Tamuz 5775 - YG Bochumrim Siyum
Does Hashem Care One Way or Another? The details of Halocha and the true nature of free choice
Location: Kollel Menachem Lubavitch
3 sets of Ten Pre Rosh Hashana Inspiration
Machzor before Rosh Hashana Part 1
Machzor before Rosh Hashana Part 2
Machzor before Rosh Hashana Part 3
Machzor before Rosh Hashana Part 4
Parsha Nitzovim Vayelech :A Rosh Hashana Yom Kippur Formula
Parshas Nitzavim, Vayelech & Tishrei
Parshas_Reeh: Tzedakah and Elul
Power of the Machzor
Pre Rosh Hashanah Inspiration
Latkes and Doughnuts: Why Always Food?
The Hidden Story of Ruth
Parshas Emor: The Power of the Omer Parshas Emor
Bamidbar & Shavous
Ki Savo Bikkurim Faith and Giving up Control
Parsha Achrei Mos Kedoshim
Parsha Bechukosai
Parsha Beshalach
Parsha Mishpotim: The Two Clouds
Parshaa Mattos Massei
Parshas Acharie Kedoshim: What is Holiness
Parshas Bamidbar/Shavous
Parshas Behaaloscha
Parshas Behaaloscha Keeping the Passion
Parshas Behar
Parshas Behar Bechukosai: The Power of Shemitta
Parshas Behar/Bechukosai
Parshas Bo
Parshas Chayai Sarah
Parshas Chayei Sorah Eliezers Miraculous Journey
Parshas Devarim
Parshas Devarim
Parshas Devarim and the Three Weeks
Parshas Eikev
Parshas Eikev
Parshas Emor
Parshas Emor
Parshas Ki Savo
Parshas Ki Savo
Parshas Ki Seitze
Parshas Ki Seitzei
Parshas Ki Seitzei 2017
Parshas Korach
Parshas Lech Lecha
Parshas Lech Lecha
Parshas Lech Lecha Avrahams Circumcision Wife or Sister
Parshas Massei
Parshas Mattos Masei
Parshas Miketz
Parshas Noach 5777
Parshas Pekudai
Parshas Reeh
Parshas Reeh
Parshas Reeh
Parshas Shelach
Parshas Shelach
Parshas Shelach
Parshas Shemini
Parshas Shlach
Parshas Shoftim
Parshas Shoftim
Parshas Shoftim: Purity of Justice and Leadership
Parshas Tazria Metzroa
Parshas Terumah Multi Coloured Skin
Parshas Terumah:The Eternal Mishkan
Parshas Tetzaveh: Where is Moshe?
Parshas Toldos
Parshas Vaeschanan
Parshas Vayeira 2017
Parshas Vayeira: The Power of the Three Angels
Parshas Vayeshev:The Secret of the Signet Ring
Parshas Vayikra
Parshas Vayishlach
Parshas Voeschanan The Shema
Parshas Yisro
Haggadah Insights
The Pesach Seder
Forgiveness - Is it Always Possible?
Location: Kollel Menachem Lubavitch
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